Commercial Bridge Money Starting at 4.30%

A highly skilled commercial mortgage banking firm, closing your loan as proposed with the lowest rates available in America since 1997.


Platinum Bridge Program
Rates starting at 4.30% and going up to 6.0% with 2-year term and loan to stabilized appraised value up to 75%. Available to higher net worth, higher liquidity investors. Time for closing is 30 days. See more loan terms.

Premium Bridge Program
Rates starting at 6.50% and going up to 7.75% with 2-year term and loan to stabilized appraised value up to 75%. This loan is made primarily to the real estate and requires moderate borrower financial strength. Can be used to purchase value-added commercial real estate at auction, rehab and more. Time for closing 2 to 3 weeks. See more loan terms.

Standard Bridge Program
Rates starting at 9.00%, 12- to 18-month term, and loan to value of 65% to 70%. This loan is made primarily to the real estate and can be used for construction, rehab or purchasing value-added commercial properties. See more loan terms. 

Structured Equity Program
This program can lend up to a combined LTV of 85% with a 75% first mortgage and a 10% second mezzanine debt, preferred equity or joint venture equity. See more loan terms.

Note Purchase Loan Program 
This program allows the borrower to purchase a mortgage note on a non-performing property.  After the subject property is foreclosed upon, the note purchase loan will convert to a bridge loan until the property is performing well and stabilized. See more loan terms.

Bridge Loan Store is a mortgage banking firm, founded in 1997, lending on commercial and business real estate in all 50 states. Our funds come from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Wall Street, insurance companies, REITS, private investors and hedge funds. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and close our loans as proposed at an exceptionally high rate.

Experienced real-estate investors and brokers know there is a lot at stake in choosing the right mortgage company. They want professionals who are on their side to discuss ideas, make plans, and ensure no mistakes are made. Bridge Loan Store is proud to employ finance specialists who are experts in the industry and passionate about commercial investments. Call us today, and find out what it’s like to work with a banker who is quick, thorough, and sincerely interested in your success.